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What started as a bedroom DJ at the age of 12 turned into an impressive journey with gigs in Paris, Cannes, Monaco, Saint-Tropez, Rome and Brussels. From playing events like Cannes Film Festival, fashion shows, luxury weddings, corporate events for multinationals to open airs, festivals and clubs.

The key to his steadily growing success is his ability to read the crowd and adapt the music style. AMAXXY has a totally open format approach to mixing dance, rnb, hip-hop, funk, disco and reggaeton together with his knowledge of club music. Beside all-round DJing, Maxim is passionate about house music and its evolution. His motto? Play all music, for all people, all over the world. 

Thanks to his experience in DJing for different nationalities and all types of events, he reaches a large crowd. Through the use of vinyl and creating a musical legacy by mixing distinctive tracks, Maxim distinguishes himself from the pack. 

AMAXXY’s never-ending passion started at the age of 10 in the music academy where he studied piano. He discovered different music genres and his interest in DJing was born. When he had finally made enough money to buy his first DJ setup, it all started. 


Hailing from Belgium, Maxim began DJing with vinyl, forever digging in the crates at local stores. After spending hundreds of hours practicing his craft, he released his first mixtapes. Very soon, AMAXXY’s audience was growing and he had the opportunity to play his first sets for Belgian events and radio shows. All his DJ fees went to vinyl, promotion and material.


After he studied economics and mathematics in Belgium, he was determined to follow his deep-rooted passion for music. Maxim went to Cannes for a year and graduated at a DJ/producer course in DJ Network. In addition, he started his studies in event and music management.


La Rocca (Lier BE)

Chrystie (Cannes FR)

Le Carré (Les Arcs 1800 FR)

Versuz (Hasselt BE)

Vooruit (Ghent BE)

Dixies (Brasschaat BE)

Klub Luxxx (Maldegem BE)

Club Reflex (Westerlo BE)


Hôtel Martinez (Cannes FR)

Palm Beach (Cannes FR)

La Môme (Cannes FR)

A'Trego (Monaco)

MIDO (Cannes FR)

Jardin Tropézina (Saint-Tropez FR)

La Plage du Martinez (Cannes FR)

La Môme Plage (Cannes FR)


Victoria France


55 Croisette



Cannes Film Festival

Cheers '19 '20 (Kortrijk Expo BE)

Bal van Sint-Barbara (Vooruit Ghent BE)

Bal van Melle (Oude Vismijn Ghent BE)

Bal van College (Furnevent Veurne BE)

Le Lab Festival (Paris FR)


Paris (FR)

Rome (IT)

Monte-Carlo (MC)

Brussels (BE)

Cannes (FR)

Saint-Tropez (FR)

Nice (FR)

Knokke (BE)

Ghent (BE)

Antwerp (BE)

Sint-Martens-Latem (BE)


Radio Monaco 


TOP Radio (BE)

Natalie Page - Singer 🇬🇧
'Nikki Beach Ibiza, Café del Mar Ibiza'

"Working with Maxim was a real pleasure from the get go. He quickly understood how to adapt my show into his set with fluidity and professionalism. He is very well mannered, and an "easy to get a long with" kind of character who brings real charm to the dance floor. 

Walter Scalzone - Percussionist 🇦🇪
'Nikki Beach Dubaï, Coya Dubaï, Pacha, Buddha-Bar, The Hong Kong Club'

"I've worked with Maxim and was instantly impressed by his ability of reading the crowd and quickly adapt the music style, keeping the dancefloor hot & wild, even under the rain."

 Janis Danevics - Saxophonist 🇱🇻
'Nikki Beach Costa Smeralda, Hôtel Martinez'

"DJ AMAXXY is a talented creator with a fresh vision of the worldwide music, what's so important today. Knowing it's full of DJs of various styles, Maxim declares himself with his style of music and his vision."

Helena Rudkvosksa - Booker 🇷🇺
'Manager Nikki Beach Barbados / Costa Smeralda'

"Maxim is a real professional, he plays open format music, same time adapting to customers wishes and making sure they have great experience. He's also a very nice person to work with and speaks many languages, which guarantees you good communication"

 Guillaume Canu - DJ / AD 🇫🇷
'La Môme Plage Cannes, MIDO Cannes, Sa Punta Ibiza, Villa Schweppes, Eden Roc'

"Maxim is a young DJ but already confirmed. He's professional, hardworking and a very nice person. It's pleasure to work with him. The best is yet to come for AMAXXY."

Freddy Araneo - Booker 🇫🇷
'Manager La Môme Plage / MIDO Cannes, Bagatelle Monte-Carlo, Baoli Beach Cannes'

"Young and ambitious, Maxim has a bright and promising future. He's extremely good in adapting to the different clients and delights every one's ears."



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+33 (0) 6 71 74 56 00

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