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What started as a bedroom DJ at the age of 12 turned into an impressive journey with gigs in Paris, Cannes, Monaco, Saint-Tropez, Brussels... From playing events like Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Grand Prix, fashion shows, yacht parties and exclusive events to clubs, festivals and open airs. Performing alongside fashion, movie and music icons such as Naomi Campbell, Sylvester Stallone, DJ Snake, Gigi Hadid, ...


The key to his steadily growing success is his totally open format approach to seamlessly combining world music, soul, funk, hip-hop, afrobeat, dance, reggaeton and rnb with his passion for house music and its evolution. He takes his crowd on a journey from Latin American vibes to African rhythms and Arabian sounds. His motto? Play all music, for all people, all over the world.


Thanks to his long experienced crowd-reading in DJing for different nationalities and all types of events, he reaches a large crowd. Through the use of vinyl and creating a musical legacy by mixing signature sounds and his own edits, Maxim distinguishes himself from the pack. He believes that mixing various styles with different rhythms and cultural influences give more identity to his sets and make them memorable.

AMAXXY’s love for music and his appreciation of sounds both classic and cutting-edge date back to age ten when he started practicing piano at the music academy. He discovered a variety of music genres, which triggered him to combine them. His interest in DJing was born! When he had finally made enough money to buy his first DJ setup, it all started. 


Maxim’s journey in the DJ scene began in a small basement in his hometown, on the westside of Belgium. He started DJing with vinyl, digging in the crates at the local record stores forever. After spending hundreds of hours practicing his craft, he released his first mixtapes. Very soon, AMAXXY’s audience was growing and he had the opportunity to play his first sets in Belgian clubs and radio shows. All his DJ fees went to records, promotion and DJ equipment.


After he finished high school in Belgium, he was determined to follow his deep-rooted passion for music. Maxim went to Cannes for a year and graduated at a DJ and Music Production course. Simultaneously, AMAXXY started his studies in Event and Music Management. 


At this moment Maxim is aiming for the top and following his dreams. He tours twelve months a year, electrifying party people with a musical palette so broad, he relates to everyone within his reach. With many years of experience in the industry, he continues to grow and expand his horizon, sharing a sound with no borders. Stay tuned, as AMAXXY is only just warming up...

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