AMAXXY will be with you every step of the way to help you create the perfect soundtrack to your day, tailored to your own style. For the all important wedding, Maxim builds up the music hour by hour to set the right tone and keep guests of all ages and nationalities happy. His main goal is to ensure that everyone will leave with smiling faces and lifelong memories of this very special occasion.


All clients are offered tailor-made playlists specific to each individual's needs. Through meetings in person or via video call, he takes time to create the perfect selection for each occasion. From background beats perfect for cocktails and dinners to dancefloor selections guaranteed to make a memorable night.

Looking to add a live element to your event? Then a great addition to your wedding is to have a sax player, singer, percussionist or violinist to play alongside the DJ giving you the best of both worlds. AMAXXY has his own preferred artists that he can recommend, or he is happy to work with your own choices if you prefer.


Hotel Martinez by HYATT ***** (Cannes FR)

Palm Beach (Cannes FR)

Le Speakeasy (Cannes FR)

Hotel Majestic by Barrière ***** (Cannes FR)

Château de Robernier (Montfort-sur-Argens FR)

La Môme (Cannes FR) 

Domaine du Mont Leuze (Villefranche-sur-Mer FR) 

Majestic Beach by Barrière (Cannes FR)

A'Trego (Monaco MC)

Tropézina Beach (Saint-Tropez FR)

La Môme Beach (Cannes FR)

Martinez Beach by HYATT (Cannes FR)

Le Pêcheur (Sint-Martens-Latem BE)

Kasteel van Zwijnaarde (Zwijnaarde BE)

Kasteel van Brasschaat (Brasschaat BE)

Hove van Herpelgem (Kluisbergen BE)