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La Rocca (Lier BE)

Chrystie (Cannes FR)

Le Carré (Les Arcs 1800 FR)

Versuz (Hasselt BE)

Vooruit (Ghent BE 

Dixies (Brasschaat BE)

Klub Luxxx (Maldegem BE)

Club Reflex (Westerlo BE)

Fête des Belges (Saint-Tropez FR)

Cheers '19 '20 (Kortrijk Expo BE)

Bal van Sint-Barbara (Vooruit Ghent BE)

Bal van Melle (Oude Vismijn Ghent BE)

AMAXXY’s journey in the DJ scene began in a small basement in his hometown, on the westside of Belgium. He started DJing with vinyl, digging in the crates at the local records stores forever. After spending hundreds of hours practicing his craft, he released his first mixtapes. Very soon, Maxim’s audience was growing and he had the opportunity to play his first sets for Belgian events, clubs and radio shows.


Maxim has worked his way up Belgian’s nightlife circuit and has rocked the crowds at the hottest and most outstanding parties and clubs both in Belgium and internationally. 


AMAXXY has developed his signature sound-craft which mixes a perfect blend between commercial and underground tracks. From House to Hip Hop and from Afrobeat to R&B. Nothing beats a blue Shazam screen rising from an audience desperately seeking for your track!





From playing private events and weddings at châteaux in the Provence and beach clubs along the French Riviera to exclusive venues across the globe. 


When an Arabian Prince wanted a deejay for his private party, there’s only one person he called. When multiple movie stars celebrated the film festival awards, there’s only one person they called. 

The key to his steadily growing success is his totally open format approach to seamlessly combining his passion for House music with Soul, Funk, Disco, Dance, Hip-Hop, Afrobeat, R&B and world music. AMAXXY takes each crowd on a journey from Latin American vibes to African rhythms and Arabian sounds.


AMAXXY offers all clients tailor made playlists specific to each individuals needs. Through meetings in person or via video call, he takes time to create the perfect selection for each occasion. From background beats perfect for cocktails and dinners to dance floor selections guaranteed to make a night to remember. For the all important event, AMAXXY builds up the music hour by hour to set the right tone and keep guests of all ages and nationalities happy. Leaving everyone with smiling faces and lifelong memories of this very special occasion.


Hotel Martinez by HYATT ***** (Cannes FR)

Palm Beach (Cannes FR)

Le Speakeasy (Cannes FR)

Hotel Majestic by Barrière ***** (Cannes FR)

Château de Robernier (Montfort-sur-Argens FR)

La Môme (Cannes FR) 

Domaine du Mont Leuze (Villefranche-sur-Mer FR) 

Majestic Beach by Barrière (Cannes FR)

A'Trego (Monaco MC)

Tropézina Beach (Saint-Tropez FR)

La Môme Beach (Cannes FR)

Martinez Beach by HYATT (Cannes FR)

Le Pêcheur (Sint-Martens-Latem BE)

Kasteel van Zwijnaarde (Zwijnaarde BE)




AMAXXY offers an appropriate performance, aligned with your personal specifications and company requirements. Whatever the chosen vibe, whether it be a sophisticated cocktail evening, or an extravagant launch party with live artistes, AMAXXY will adapt the ambiance and create the right energy to ensure your guests remember your event for all the right reasons. 


AMAXXY has an extensive collection of music, and the experience to curate an on-brand mix of expertly chosen tracks to keep your guests in the perfect mood. Whether you want to communicate, motivate, thank or unite, AMAXXY will accommodate to the objectives of your corporate event. 


Film Festival Cannes

Victoria France


55 Croisette


Cannes Lions

Grand Prix Monaco

MIPIM Cannes


M: +33 (0) 6 71 74 56 00


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