La Rocca (Lier BE)

Chrystie (Cannes FR)

Le Carré (Les Arcs 1800 FR)

Versuz (Hasselt BE)

Vooruit (Ghent BE 

Dixies (Brasschaat BE)

Klub Luxxx (Maldegem BE)

Club Reflex (Westerlo BE)

Fête des Belges (Saint-Tropez FR)

Cheers '19 '20 (Kortrijk Expo BE)

Bal van Sint-Barbara (Vooruit Ghent BE)

Bal van Melle (Oude Vismijn Ghent BE)

AMAXXY’s journey in the DJ scene began in a small basement in his hometown, on the westside of Belgium. He started DJing with vinyl, digging in the crates at the local records stores forever. After spending hundreds of hours practicing his craft, he released his first mixtapes. Very soon, Maxim’s audience was growing and he had the opportunity to play his first sets in Belgian clubs and radio shows.


Maxim has worked his way up Belgian’s nightlife circuit and has rocked the crowds at the hottest and most outstanding parties and clubs both in Belgium and internationally. 


AMAXXY has developed his signature sound-craft which mixes a perfect blend between open format tracks and underground records by combining house and urban music. Nothing beats a blue Shazam screen rising from an audience desperately seeking for your track!




+33 (0) 6 71 74 56 00

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